Customer Testimonials
Mr N. (05 October 2023)
Just usual.

Mrs B (06 January 2023)
We had 30 meals from our turkey.

Mrs V (02 January 2023)
Best I've ever had

Mrs P (31 December 2022)
Thank you very much for our turkey, it was fabulous.

Mr H (28 December 2022)
A big thank you for the excellent half turkey that was very tender and succulent.

Mr B (26 December 2022)
Such a plump turkey which delivered in spades.

Mr H (28 December 2021)
John, Your turkey absolutely made my Christmas. It was succulent, moist and flavoursome

Mr B. (25 December 2021)
You produce such wonderful flavoursome turkeys! Amazing job yet again.

Mr B. (25 December 2021)
Just to say the turkey was absolutely perfect as ever.

Mr H (03 January 2021)
You really can’t beat it!!!! Great again John Law

Mrs C (03 January 2021)
Just to let you know that the turkey was absolutely brilliant. This is the third year I have had one of yours and every time I say well that was the best one ever. Thanks for all your hard work.

Mrs B (02 January 2021)
As ever the birds were delicious and many compliments.

Mr & Mrs B (31 December 2020)
We just wanted to thank you and let you know how delicious the turkey was. We were a bit concerned about half a turkey but it turned out to be exactly what we needed,

T.B. (30 December 2020)
Thank you as always for the Turkey - it was wonderful!

Mrs R. (27 December 2020)
I just wanted to say the turkey we had was delicious, very moist and lots of leftovers. This has been the best turkey we've cooked so just wanted to say thank you.

Mr T (26 December 2020)
Just a half this year but what a half it was! You really cannot beat a Honeycroft Farm turkey.

Mr T (25 December 2020)
Amazing flavoured turkey as usual thanks John

Mrs P (25 December 2020)
Thank you John for another amazing turkey

Mr F (19 January 2020)
Lovely turkey as always.

Mr S (17 January 2020)
Great turkey

Mr O. (09 January 2020)
Fabulous turkey!

Mr M. (08 January 2020)
Everybody was complimentary about the turkey. I'll definitely be back again next year.

Mr B. (04 January 2020)
Great turkey once again

Mr A (02 January 2020)
The turkey was very good

Mrs L (02 January 2020)
Absolutely delicious!

Mrs B (30 December 2019)
Thank you for another beautiful turkey

Mrs G (29 December 2019)
Amazing turkeys, thank you, same again next year.

Mr O. (09 January 2019)
"Bloody lovely turkey, I'll be back next year"

Mrs G. (02 January 2019)
"Delicious as always"

Mr B. (02 January 2019)
"A splendid Turkey it was too!"

Mr G. (02 January 2019)
"Turkey was lovely as always"

Mr P. (31 December 2018)
"Thanks John, Turkey was fantastic, as usual."

Mr B. (30 December 2018)
"Excellent, and so moist"

Mr M. (29 December 2018)
"Fantastic turkey"

Mrs B (29 December 2018)
"As ever, the turkeys were fabulous"

Mrs R. (28 December 2018)
"a 5*Turkey review from the R. family"

Mrs B (27 December 2018)
"Best Turkey Ever"

Mr G (28 November 2016)
That turkey was SO delicious, everybody said it.

J.C. (15 November 2016)
Last years turkey was amazing :-)

Mr P. (12 November 2016)
Last years turkey was wonderful, thanks.

Mr H (05 January 2016)
thank you for producing another wonderful bird for our family Christmas meal. Everyone left the table happy.

Mrs B. (05 January 2016)
Just wanted to say thank you once again for the Turkeys. Everyone was very complimentary.

Mrs L (30 December 2015)
Thank you for the turkey, it was delicious!

Mr M (29 December 2015)
I have had some lovely comments from a couple of my neighbours and we certainly enjoyed our bird. Mrs F said she got 22 meals out of her turkey !

Mr H (28 December 2015)
thank you for producing another wonderful bird for our family Christmas meal. Everyone left the table happy.

Mrs W (28 December 2015)
"Gorgeous turkey"

Mr N, Wells (28 December 2015)
You have surpassed yourself, best turkey ever! That was the verdict - really succulent and flavoursome.

Susan (18 January 2014)
Wanted to say thanks for our fab was delicious. Best ever!

Ruth (18 January 2014)
The turkey crown was really very good. Really pleased with it.

Neil (18 January 2014)
One of the best I have ever had

A.M. (15 January 2014)
The turkey we cooked was excellent.

H.M. (15 January 2014)
Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your turkey for Christmas - it was fantastically moist and tender.

N.B. (07 January 2014)
I meant to say how fantastic the turkey was - running out of superlatives - you surpassed yourself again.

Mr C. (Wells) (05 December 2013)
I had a Honeycroft Turkey for a Thanksgiving party and it was absolutely superb

Mr B. Wells (02 January 2013)
Hi John - the turkey could go down as the best ever - superb!

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